jam interiors

Interior design is so much more than just decoration. Curtains, paint colours and cushions are part of what we do, but a small part. The work of an interior designer is far more extensive – delivering a complete vision inside and out.

We’re involved from the very beginning, a bridge between the client, the architect and the contractor. Creating a look that reflects your personality and desires, that’s practical and sympathetic to the character of your property. Once visualized, it’s up to the skill of the designer to deliver a seamless interior throughout your property, requiring a firm understanding of the build process, managing contractors and providing accurate and timely technical information.

On large projects a designer is invaluable as the ‘go-between’ – you, the architect and the contractors – saving you worry, costly mistakes and precious time. JAM Interiors stands apart from other design studios by offering a straight talking, comprehensive service with unrivalled technical expertise and experience.


1. Inspire:

We’ve a track record getting it right by understanding what you desire.

Your home is a reflection of you – not a showroom. You talk – we listen to how your interior should feel when you come home; what it will say about you; how it should work with the demands of your family so they can thrive and enjoy their passions. No question is too trivial, no idea too ‘out there’.

We build on your thoughts and inspire you with ideas you may not have thought of; always with a keen eye on what’s realistic. With computer-aided drawings and mood boards we’ll develop a coherent vision of your dream home. Providing construction details for bathrooms and kitchens, flooring and furniture layouts, lighting plans, joinery design, selecting desired finishes, colours and furniture. Our team will work with you through every element to deliver the perfect interior.

You’ll be confident your vision will be realised.


2. Design:

JAM Interiors do not make showroom houses, our work is far more interesting than that. Our spaces are designed to be lived in.

Our design process is two-fold. First, we design your vision across our fundamental areas of interior design:

1. Flooring and finishes

2. Lighting and electrics

3. Bathrooms

4. Kitchens

5. Window treatments

6. Home automation

7. Joinery and furniture

8. Decoration and soft furnishing

Second, we specify how the design will be seamlessly realised. Take flooring for example; the decision on what material to use is critical. Whether wood, carpet or stone, your contractor will need to know the thickness to ensure screed levels allow finished floors to transition perfectly without unsightly steps. Indeed such fundamentals need to be viewed as one overlapping web where every decision impacts on each other. Often decisions that seem far down the line can have an impact early on in the build.

Our design process and attention to detail guides and manages your contractor to avoid such hidden pitfalls.

Good design ensures nothing is left to chance.


3. Deliver:

Proving perfection is possible.

Depend on us to deliver the entire interior project for you. We manage your contractors, ensuring the right detail at the right time to avoid delays. Gain access to our ‘little black book’ of tried and trusted contractors and craftspeople to guarantee an exquisite finish. Benefit from our specialist expertise in more complex areas of design. There will be challenges in your project but we are your problem solvers; and we’re used to meeting challenges head on.

We give you the peace of mind that perfection will be delivered on budget, on time, every time.

Perfection for us, is simply perfect.